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Accenture Acquires Zielpuls

Accenture has acquired German technology consultancy Zielpuls, positioning itself to capitalize on the growing demand for technology among manufacturers of smart products for the automotive and medical industries.

Zielpuls develops a range of technology-driven smart products such as automated car parking systems, in addition to building IT architecture for organizations that operate high-speed trains.

The German company claims to have helped medical technology companies automate production.

“Zielpuls has started to branch out into other areas, such as medical technology, where software and data-driven services will transform the core products,” according to Andrew Smith, managing director of Accenture Industry X.0, a unit of the IT consultancy that helps organizations leverage digital technologies to transform core operations, worker and customer experiences, and business models.

“Its engineering know-how and ability to orchestrate operating systems for smart products will help us build an organization that can co-create and reimagine smart connected products and services with clients from ideation through production,” Smith said of  the Munich, Germany-based firm.

The acquisition will bring several automotive companies into Accenture’s fold, particularly in Germany and China, where Zielpuls has significant operations.

Zielpuls employs around 190 professionals, and runs delivery centers in Wolfsburg and Hannover, as well as in Shanghai and Beijing.

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Frank Riemensperger, senior country managing director for Accenture in Europe, says the German company will complement Accenture’s previous acquisitions, including Designaffairs, which is also based in Germany.

“Zielpuls excels at designing architectures and operating systems for smart, connected products and services.”

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