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Antigua is Plugged In and Ready to Play

Source: Antigua Observer

After getting a bad rap in Euro Money magazine for its business and investment climate, Antigua & Barbuda is being featured in a majority of the top 10 rankings by the prestigious Financial Times newspaper of London.

The country is outdone only by Panama when it comes to Latin American and Caribbean states with the best infrastructure, and is in the top five for quality of life.

Overall, the Financial Times rates Antigua & Barbuda as the sixth most attractive country for foreign direct investment (FDI), and also occupies the same spot in the rankings for best FDI strategy.

Antigua & Barbuda holds the number four position in the number of Internet users per capita, one notch above development powerhouse Barbados.

Investment Promotion Director at the Antigua and Barbuda Investment Authority Fitz- maurice Christian says these rankings by the Financial Times are sure to provide a welcome boost for the country.

He’s especially pleased with the high ratings in the area of technology, communication and infrastructure.

“This is very important for technology based businesses, such as those engaged in business process outsourcing,” he said.

“This is why we have such a robust telecommunications infrastructure. It’s really because of the demanding nature of our gaming sector. And so companies that depend on very reliable telecommunications, or on a certain type of expertise in terms of a digitally wired population would look to places like Antigua as somewhere to do business, because the technical and human resources are in place for them to do so.”

When it comes to the calibre of human resources, this country is also in the top 10, holding the number eight position, two notches above Jamaica.

Christian says this is surely one of the features that potential investors should find most attractive about Antigua & Barbuda.

“Some of the things that would have attracted investors or this ranking in terms of human resource would include our rate of literacy, the number of universities on the island, our secondary and tertiary school enrolment rate,” he said. “These things would have added to the quality of life and quality of people that companies can expect to find in Antigua.

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“The human resource ranking, coupled with the infrastructure, really makes Antigua a compelling place to do business.”

On the other hand, Antigua & Barbuda did not make it into the FDI’s top 10 for cost effectiveness, economic potential and business friendliness.

Kirk Laughlin

Kirk Laughlin is an award-winning editor and subject expert in information technology and offshore BPO/ contact center strategies.

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