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Argentinean AI Startup to Build $5 Million Lab in Uruguay

An Argentinean AI startup, Space AI, is gearing up to build a laboratory in Uruguay with an investment of US$5 million.

The company, headquartered in Silicon Valley, leverages edge computing and blockchain technology to help businesses have distributed data centers.

Space AI’s IT solutions are used by government agencies and private businesses to monitor gas pipelines and prepare clients for the launch of space missions, among other things.

The company’s founder, Diego Favaloro, told local media that the laboratory will develop software. However, he did not disclose how many people he would recruit in Uruguay.

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Space AI is not the only Argentinean company making waves in the Uruguayan space industry. Recently, Tlon Space SA set up shop in Uruguay offering to help launch satellites.

Tlon Space’s initiatives include constructing a spaceport on land owned by the Ministry of Defense, on the coast of Rocha. The spaceport would allow small satellites to be sent into space to collect images.

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