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Aruba’s Eagle Beach Crowned as the Caribbean’s Loveliest Shoreline

Eagle Beach, located on the western tip of Aruba, has been named “the best beach in the Caribbean” by the travel platform Tripadvisor.

Unlike other Caribbean shores, Eagle Beach does not have coral reefs and formations, but is home to a variety of colorful tropical fish and crabs.

It features clear, algae-free seas and is home to four protected sea turtle species. “If you’re lucky, you may even spot turtles nesting or hatching on the shore,” Tripadvisor pointed out.

Despite its small size, Eagle Beach is the widest beach in Aruba. There are many resorts along the shore, offering family-friendly but stylish accommodations.

Eagle Beach outshone 7,000 Caribbean coastlines nominated, positioning itself as the perfect sunbathing spot for North Americans tired of winter storms and cloudy days.

To boot, Eagle Beach’s iconic fofoti trees are the most photographed plants in the Caribbean. They are featured in just about every advertising leaflet seen in the country.

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Low-rise hotels are the distinct feature of the coastline; most of them are just across the road. Some provide cabanas and lounges for their guests.

Aruba is one of the few islands with perfect weather all year round and is popular with surfers and parasailors.

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