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Exclusive: Belatrix Acquires Recruitment Firm, Opens Delivery Center in Buenos Aires

One of Latin America’s oldest  and most respected software development firm’s – Belatrix – has opened a delivery center in Buenos Aires and acquired a local recruitment firm to aid its expansion into the capital city.

The Buenos Aires facility will be Belatrix Software’s third development center after its headquarters in Mendoza, western Argentina, where it has 200 employees, and its second center in Lima, Peru, where it has a staff of around 100.

“We keep growing at a really good rate and we need to find more top talent so we decided to open a third development center in Buenos Aires,” Belatrix’ Marketing Director, Fernando Gonzalez Aguirre, told Nearshore Americas.

“We’re the biggest player in Mendoza, so we don’t have much space for growth here, but in Buenos Aires we have a lot of space to work in,” Gonzalez said. “It’s a great place because there are at least 15 universities with IT- or software-related programs. The market is huge for us.”

Belatrix will initially take on around 40 employees at the facility in central Buenos Aires but more will join at a later date. “We’re already looking for a place to open a second development center in Buenos Aires,” Gonzalez added.

In order to prosper in the more competitive labor market in Buenos Aires, Belatrix has bought out Waragon, a local recruitment company specialized in the IT industry, for an undisclosed amount.

Argentina’s capital “is competitive because most of the larger players are in Buenos Aires, which is something that doesn’t happen in Mendoza,” Gonzalez said.

Although Belatrix will only take on about 50% of Waragon’s specialized recruiters, Gonzalez said the benefits of doing so are significant: “We can take on people with a lot of expertise in the industry and we also get a huge database with over 50,000 contacts of potential employees which broadens our reach immensely.”

Like Belatrix’s other delivery centers, the Buenos Aires facility will be dedicated to software development and testing. The firm has also just hired Charles Green, a former analyst from Forrester, who will serve as a Marketing Analyst and will be tasked with researching the industry.

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About 95% of Belatrix’s clients are from Canada, the United Kingdom and especially the United States, while the rest are based in other parts of Europe and a few are in South America.

As well as its three delivery centers, Belatrix has corporate offices in New York, Silicon Valley and Naples, Florida.

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