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Utilizing Corporate Giving as an Employee Performance Motivator

In a world where the workplace environment is rapidly evolving, executive and management teams have begun looking at different ways to engage and motivate their employees. Some might do this by hosting office potlucks, raffles, or contests for exceptional work. However, not many are examining how the company’s corporate giving standards can improve employee performance. Although corporate giving has been around for some time, and is being initiated more often these days, companies need to make the connection between corporate giving strategies and employee performance.

Companies regularly consider social responsibility as a way to obtain tax breaks or earn increased community and political support. The unique aspect of corporate social responsibility is that it can also increase employee performance, which will positively affect company sales and revenue. Having a streamlined, strategic approach to corporate giving will ultimately keep the company in a position where they can continuously contribute to local and international nonprofit organizations.

The Question Is:

“What if it is possible to retain all of the existing benefits from corporate giving and also improve employee performance by adjusting the company’s giving strategy?”

In order to find the answer, executives and management teams must implement and test several initiatives within the company. If it has been a while since the company has evaluated their corporate giving strategy, then it is important to take a step back and reexamine the aspect. What is already being done, what has been done in the past, and how aware are employees of these actions?

Raise Employee Awareness of Corporate Giving

As companies look to change and improve employee performance, executives should first look at how they are communicating their corporate giving standards throughout the company. Involving employees in the decision making process is the first and the most important step. Conduct a survey, hold an all-staff meeting, or set up small focus groups with employees. Make sure they completely understand the company’s overall corporate giving strategy by explaining the initiatives and objectives.

Inform them of the direction the company is going in to achieve the corporate giving goals, and let them contribute to the strategy behind how the company will do this. Raising employee awareness of corporate giving by showing staff what has been done in the past, and what can be done now, creates an environment in which they feel comfortable participating. Let them contribute to the discussion about what would be the best strategy that aligns with the overall company objectives and how this goal might be achieved.

Tie Employee Behavior to Corporate Giving

If the company is already rewarding employees for positive performance and achievements, possibly with gift cards, movie tickets, or extra vacation days, try transitioning this into something more beneficial and gratifying. Connecting company donations to employee sales numbers can help boost productivity as long as employees know they are on board with the decision and strategy.

If the company can offer a set amount to a nonprofit organization for each successful sale, then employees feel positive about the work they are doing and are more inclined to make a successful sale when they know it is going to a good cause that they are passionate about. Using corporate giving as an employee incentive is a great way to increase sales performance, while still contributing to organizations that need additional support and funding.

Join the Fight, Take a Stand, Make a Buck, and Give Some Away; You’ll Be Glad You Did

For example, Listen Up Español implemented this same strategy and saw increased sales performance with sales conversion numbers improving dramatically. After examining weekly sales reports, they saw that during the weeks when charitable gifts were given as employee rewards, sales conversion rates increased by 15%. The results prove that rewarding employees with charitable donations to a cause they are passionate about can be used to drive performance. This is especially important for those companies who may already be involved in charitable giving but who have not implemented a strategic approach that will also benefit their company.

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Another great method to increase sales performance, is finding an organization that aligns with company core values and goals, and one that employees are interested in, to increase their overall investment. By doing this companies can ensure that employees will do everything in their power to make a sale, and ultimately earn a donation for the organization. Having this strategic and isolated approach will help make the process go smoothly, and benefit all those involved.

Overall, companies that incorporate charitable giving into their entire company culture and among all staff, realize that corporate giving truly is a rewarding endeavor in all aspects. The key here is to connect company values, employees, and the benefitting nonprofit organization in a way that strategy can be implemented on the combined vales and goals of all. If other companies and nonprofits can find ways to partner with this unique strategy, then they will see their results having a greater positive impact.

Randall Anderson

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