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Blogging Live from the Central America IAOP Meeting – Next Week!

Caribbean CRM Central will travel west next week – stopping in to shake hands and blog live from the Central America chapter meeting of the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals, in Guatemala City.
Central America near shore BPO  is thriving and we’ll show you why. Speaking at the event will be the vice president of Guatemala, Rafael Espada, IAOP chairman Michael Corbett, as well as Chris Disher, president Chris Disher & Associates, Don Althoff, former CIO of British Petroleum, Estuardo Robles, principal advisor of Roaring Jaguar, Roger Conrado, president and CEO of GVC Partners, Lori Blackman, president of DNL Global, Steve Rudderham, president of Genpact Latin America,  Mario Lopez, director with Transactel,  Nina Kawalek, CEO of RCCSP Education Alliance and David S. Anderson, CEO of The Utopia Group.
IAOP members can register directly with Amanda Corbett at: amanda.corbett [at]
A few important  sourcing facts about Guatemala (courtesy of AMR Research’s Phil  Fersht in this recent post:

  • 4.1m of its total population is “economically active”
  • 80% of its population is under 30
  • 80% are taught English from the age of 5
  • 86% literacy rate in  Guatemala City
  • University-level population of over 200,000 students
  • Robust telecom infrastructure
  • 20 years of democracy
  • 5200 feet above sea-level and 60-85 degrees all-year-round
  • Strong base of investment from multi-national corporations – for example P&G, Walmart, Scotiabank, Capgemini and ACS
  • Investing in windfarm projects with the Mexican government
  • Manufacturing represents its major industry, but increasing exports of coffee, bananas and green tomatoes are driving economic growth

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  • Hello everyone: Information on Honduras Event
    I had the opportunity to attend the IAOP Chapter meeting @ Guatemala, on April 23rd and 24th. I must say it was one of the most enriching experience on Contact Center curricula I´ve ever participated. One of the most valuable souvenirs I brought with me were all the amazing people I met! I hope you are all doing great and everything is running smoothly and you were truly great hosts and attendees!
    We will be hosting an event in San Pedro Sula, Honduras this coming September 1 & 2.
    Honduras: Completing the Region, Central America Nearshore Business and Investors Forum.
    We have great expectation on our first event, we encourage you to attend and find out for yourself what Honduras has in hands for you! if you would like to contact me feel free to do it on my personal email.