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Believing in BPM: How Business Process Management Makes the Most of Digital Transformation

Business process management (BPM) can be broadly defined as any software initiative that improves workflow, and does so adaptively, enabling an organization to respond in real-time to changing business environments. Software-driven BPM relies heavily on automation, and can be designed to support decision making by c-suite executives, business managers, and business analysts.

This free 11-page report focuses on the capabilities of BPM and the more complex views of business transformation that can address both internally and externally driven change. The emergence of IoT means there will be an explosion of data input points, with analytics moving beyond functional boundaries, and becoming more proactive and anticipatory. With this in mind, to stay competitive, businesses of all sizes, all over the world, will need to embrace the efficiencies and insights that only BPM can provide.

Key insights include:

  • A focus on business transformation, which represents a move beyond continuous process improvement to accommodate larger change requirements.
  • The shift away from short-term transactional processes, beyond traditional service-oriented architecture (SOA), and the longer, more systemic view of organizational processes.
  • Intelligent business process management suites, or “iBPMS”, and the demand for these suites in the corporate world.
  • The challenges in acquiring engineers familiar with enterprise apps that are closely related to BPM models, such as enterprise service bus and a wide range of middleware.
  • The huge gap in the market between the large ERP vendors and their service capabilities.

The report is a collaborative effort between Nearshore Americas and BPMTecha leading solutions implementation provider with deep knowledge in combining workflow solutions with ERP, and a wealth of experience in utilizing main corporate and open source technologies across many industries.

Table of Contents:

  • Situation Overview….3
  • The Labor Challenge….4
  • BPM and ERP Dominance….5
  • A BPM Journey….6
  • BPM for Industry….7
  • The analytics opportunity….8

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