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Sao Paulo Retains Role as King of Brazil Contact Centers

SOURCE: BNAmericas

Revenues from Brazil’s call center market are expected to increase 11% this year compared to US$7.8bn last year, international consultancy IDC consulting manager Celia Sarauza told BNamericas. According to the analyst, revenues in 2009 grew 16.7%.

Meanwhile, call center positions in the country will expand 13.3% compared to 153,900 positions in 2009, Sarauza added. The analyst said that Sao Paulo state currently has almost 60% of call center positions in the country, followed by Rio de Janeiro with approximately 15% and Minas Gerais with 13%.

According to IDC, the call center market in Brazil was not impacted by the international crisis. “Last year, the call center operators focused on investments to expand infrastructure, mainly in new equipment and maintenance. The focus this year will be investments to train human resources, to improve the quality of the services offered,” she added.

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At the same time, investment volumes in call centers will be lower this year compared to 2009, Sarauza said without providing specific figures.

Kirk Laughlin

Kirk Laughlin is an award-winning editor and subject expert in information technology and offshore BPO/ contact center strategies.

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