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C3 to Launch Another Contact Center in Guatemala City

C3 is bulking up in Guatemala, launching a new contact center and adding 500 new employees to its workforce. The Plantation, Florida-based BPO provider said the new delivery center in Guatemala City will provide contact center services in several languages including Spanish, French and English.

“Finding the right location for service delivery from Latin America has always been challenging,” said Ken Epstein of C3, which has been operating in Guatemala for the past two years. “The key to success is to identify the best workforce in a city that is not over-saturated.”

The new delivery center is scheduled to be inaugurated in the first week of June. The current C3 center in Guatemala has about 300 employees. “Both centers are near each other in the city’s business district Zone 10,” the outsourcer stated in a press release.

In operation since 2009, C3 handles sales and customer service, as well as consulting and infrastructure, including email and benefits management.

C3 said an “overwhelming demand for service” in Guatemala prompted it to expand its operations in the country. Reports say most C3 clients in Guatemala are logistics and travel firms.

“In Guatemala City, the workforce is reliable, very well-educated and many of them speak very good Spanish and English,” said Miguel Ramos, C3 Executive Vice President for Corporate Development. “This is an emerging market for contact centers and there is a lot of headroom for growth here. The cost of labor is also attractive which makes the location very valuable for our clients.”

C3 said it will soon begin hiring for new positions, including customer service representatives, operations supervisors, managers, quality assurance representatives and trainers.

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In addition to Guatemala, C3 operates contact centers in Idaho, Utah, Arizona, Texas and Oklahoma in the United States; the Philippines; Sofia, Bulgaria; Glasgow, Scotland; Dalian, China; and Mumbai, India.


Narayan Ammachchi

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