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Canada’s Vehikl Expands into Hamilton

Software development firm Vehikl has expanded in Canada with the launch of an office at a co-working space in Hamilton, a port city on the western tip of Lake Ontario.

The office at CoMotion at the King co-working space will be devoted to providing custom software development services.

The Canadian firm chose Hamilton because of what it said was “talented developers”. The company says it will hire young graduates and provide them with opportunities to learn while working for software development projects.

“Hamilton’s tech scene is gaining momentum, and it is important for Vehikl to be part of that growth,” reported The Hamilton Spectator, quoting the company’s co-founder Chris Keithlin.

It is not, however, clear as to how many people the company will recruit in Hamilton.

Waterloo-based Vehikl develops web and mobile applications. In its website, it claims to have developed interactions for clients such as Salesforce as well.

In November last year, Vehikl expanded into London, Canada, by purchasing a similar shared space at a co-working center there.

The Waterloo company also works with startups and other small enterprises, helping them turn their ideas into a software prototype, in addition to assisting tech companies in their web and mobile application development.

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“At Vehikl, we use Lean/Agile development techniques to build well crafted applications that deliver maximum value in the shortest amount of time while maintaining flexibility to focus on the most important business priorities at any given time,” says Chris Keithlin in his Linkedin post.

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