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Caribbean Countries Open Up as Covid Cases Decline

Most of the countries in the Caribbean are seeing a gradual decline in Covid-19 cases, except for Cuba, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic. Many have reopened to international tourism, with protocols in place to keep the virus at bay.

Some island nations don’t even require you to wear masks if you are an American and fully vaccinated. However, most of them insist that you provide proof of a Covid negative test result received 72 hours prior to your arrival there.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has just reopened restaurants for the first time since the pandemic began after the US territory vaccinated nearly half of its population.

The island has lost more than 2,500 people to the virus, but new cases have declined dramatically. If you are fully vaccinated, you may have no need to wear a mask in an open area. If you are a fully vaccinated American citizen, you may have no need to provide a negative covid-19 result either.


The pandemic has dealt a devastating blow to this communist island, with the country already losing more than 1,045 people to the pandemic.

Worst still, Cuba is reporting more than 1,000 new cases on average each day. So far, less than 14% of its population have received a jab.

If you are visiting Cuba, you need to carry travel insurance that covers covid-19 during your stay on the island.

Cayman Islands

With only coronavirus-related deaths, the Cayman Islands is one of the least-hit countries in the Caribbean.

The government is saying that the country might reach a basic level of herd immunity by the end of July. More than 60% of the country’s people are fully vaccinated.


Although a small nation, Barbados has vaccinated more than 25% of its population. It is reporting barely 10 new infections on average each day.

It has ordered its officials to test every foreign visitor at its airports. In addition, travellers are required to provide documents certifying their vaccination.

Dominican Republic

Coronavirus appears to be spreading like wildfire in the Dominican Republic, with the Island registering 70 deaths in a single day on last Tuesday alone.

So far, more than 3,600 have died of the disease. Reports say hospitals are still stretched to the limit in some parts of the country. It has vaccinated nearly 27% of its population.


Many provinces in the Bahamas are still under lockdown. The picturesque island has recorded around 12,000 covid cases and 232 deaths since the onset of the pandemic.

Despite registering at least 10 new cases every day, the Bahamas has reopened its borders and is welcoming foreign tourists.

If you are not vaccinated, you need to provide a negative PCR test result received within 5 days before arrival.


With nearly 3% of its population vaccinated, Jamaica looks still far away from reaching herd immunity. The island has lost nearly 1,000 people to the virus.

Jamaica has opened its borders, but every visitor has to provide proof that they are vaccinated against the virus.

Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad has reported more than 27,000 infections since the pandemic began. New infections are decreasing sharply in recent weeks.

The island nation has administered at least 142,500 doses of vaccines so far, just above 5% of the country’s population, according to Reuters.

Trinidad has closed both its airports and seaports, allowing entry only for citizens and legal residents and cruise ship employees.

Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia never suffered much from the pandemic. It recorded around 500 cases and 77 fatalities. Today more than 60% of its population has been vaccinated. And the country has eased restrictions for fully vaccinated travellers.

However, they need to upload proof of vaccination before boarding a flight. Once a fully vaccinated tourist arrives in the country, they are free to use all the services on the offer.


Although only 12% of its people are vaccinated, Grenada is supplying vaccines to neighbouring countries, since the death toll from the virus is very small in the country. Granada lost just one person to the virus, although nearly 100 of its citizens contracted the virus.

You need to spend 48 hours in isolation if you arrive in Grenada as a tourist, pending a negative PCR test. That means you must book accommodations for a minimum of 2 nights before boarding the flight.

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Covid-19 infections are decreasing in Guyana, with 98 new infections reported on average each day, reports Reuters. Guyana recorded nearly 18,000 Covid cases and 416 deaths.

Today 30% of its population has been vaccinated, with the country importing a huge number of vaccine doses from China and Russia.


Dominica has vaccinated more than a quarter of its population. However, new Covid cases are not declining in number.

Therefore, you need to submit a negative PCR test result one day prior to arrival in the country.


The tourism-dependent country has taken a hit from the pandemic. It has reported 13,000 infections and 325 fatalities since the pandemic began.

What is worrying however is that infections are increasing in recent weeks. The country is reporting 12 new infections on average each day. With only 10% of its population vaccinated, Belize does not seem to be out of woods yet.

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