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Casserly's e-Services Group Becomes Part of Global Giant

Today Dallas-based Affiliated Computer Services announced the purchase of e-services Group International, for $85 million, including the assumption of liabilities. The news is seen as the first major indicator of  a growing appetite among global players to leverage the emerging strengths of the local call center market. The significance of the acquisition is not lost on the 4,000 highly trained employees, based in Jamaica and St. Lucia. When rumors of the deal began to circulate weeks ago, some employees expressed fears about how the deal might impact them.
333333333333333332A primary focus for Patrick Casserly, CEO of e-Services Group International, has been to develop and invest in agents. “In the United Stages, the call center industry is built on churning staff. Churning staff means that they probably have 70-80 percent attrition every year. At e-Services I took a different approach. I said OK we are going to provide quality employees and how do you do that is to retain them over time. So some of my ver first employees, hired six years ago in the first 35, are still with us today and we have less than 10 percent attrition per annum,” Casserly said in an interview with the Jamaican Gleaner three years ago.
ACS operates over 120 customer care centers around the world in over 20 languages.


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