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Role Video: Former AMEX CIO Calls on IT Colleagues to Visit Mexico “See For Yourself”

Corporate technology is only increasing in complexity and therefore CIOs from the United States better look closely at where their strategic IT partners are located, says Toby Redshaw, the former CIO at American Express who was one of the special guest speakers at the inaugural FutureSource Summit in Mexico City two weeks ago.

“The educational infrastructure here is fantastic and the work ethic is fantastic … We’re on the verge of Mexico moving towards being one of the top three places for IT talent partners,” said Redshaw, who was born in Mexico and previously served as CIO at American Express and Aviva, and also held a senior IT role  at Motorola.

Redshaw took part in the CIO panel on “Smarter Outsourcing Practices in an Era of Digital Disruption”, one of several highlights from the FutureSource Summit.

IT has become strategically important to every company in every vertical, he noted in an exclusive interview with Nearshore Americas’ Loren Moss. “Context is worth 80 IQ points,” Redshaw added, quoting computer science pioneer Alan Kay, and Mexico is well positioned to help corporations to bridge “the contextual gap between business and IT that has always been a problem.”

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