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Cloud Computing at the Edge of Emerging Markets

Cloud computing has revolutionized how the world does business. With distributed data storage and shared resources in multiple data centers, organizations and end users now enjoy immense capabilities. Businesses can scale affordably and powerfully, accessing applications and resources globally through private, public, hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure.

At EffectiveSoft, we have witnessed firsthand the impact of cloud computing on emerging markets. It has leveled the playing field, opening new opportunities for tech-savvy entrepreneurs eager to join the digital revolution. 

Edge computing plays a crucial role in this story, extending the cloud to any data source regardless of its location or device used.

[Cloud computing] leveled the playing field, opening new opportunities for tech-savvy entrepreneurs eager to join the digital revolution. 

In emerging markets, which are often distant from major technology hubs, meaningful access to the cloud from the network edge presents a significant opportunity. To achieve this, data centers are established to process data closer to its origin, allowing both local and international companies to provide cost-effective solutions with lower latency.

It is important for teams to understand that this opportunity comes with its own set of challenges. Improved response time, bandwidth and security optimization must be realized while recognizing that integrating edge technologies demands a high level of expertise, including local knowledge. Managing numerous heterogeneous devices and ensuring data security and privacy require a deep understanding of performance metrics within a specific area. In this way, the most cost-effective, efficient, and relevant applications can harness the cloud’s capabilities and deliver optimal service to the edge.

To optimize cloud services and ensure the highest quality is delivered to edge devices –whether as SaaS, PaaS, or part of the IoT–, migration and implementation practices should be approached with well-informed due diligence specific to the market. 

At EffectiveSoft, we ask ourselves: is only a minor change required or partial or complete engineering? How can a cloud migration be successful so that systems maintain or gain features, remain affordable and enhance accessibility and scalability?

Often, the best approach involves a cloud-native application within a DevOps software development methodology. By deploying as microservices and running on a containerized platform, DevOps offers an efficient way to automate and standardize processes. It works across cloud environments and delivers resilient and agile services to the network edge.

Living at the Edge with the IoT

The growing number of devices connected to the Internet has spurred the IoT’s expansion. Delivering cloud-based services to the IoT not only advances capabilities, but also makes the IoT a valuable source of meaningful data.

The cloud effectively has unlimited storage capacity, with abundant structured and unstructured data available for analysis. For emerging markets, the IoT offers a crucial opportunity to access and understand previously untapped information.

Emerging markets are growing rapidly, and dynamic access to cloud-based solutions at the edge is becoming a necessity, just as it is elsewhere in the world

Predictive analytics can analyze and transform data gathered from IoT devices, regardless of their location. This is transformative for emerging markets, which can benefit significantly from increased visibility into historical information and a dynamic approach where system behavior can be predicted, and corrective action taken.

The right middleware can be a game-changer for emerging markets new to the IoT. Well-designed middleware ensures connectivity and communication with third-party systems and a wide range of sensors on the edge, even those not originally designed to work together. In emerging markets, the components of an IoT ecosystem can benefit from localized data centers, reducing latency and providing unprecedented competitive advantages.

Global platforms like Azure IoT Hub already exist to help customers in emerging markets. These platforms are easy to customize with added features and can be adopted out-of-the-box. Embedded systems allow for integration with smart devices, developing new functions on the device side while being supported by the cloud.

So, what does cloud-based access to the edge look like? Data from connected devices can be visualized with IoT dashboards in tables and graphs or even using VR/AR in real-time. With this visibility, businesses active in emerging markets and benefiting from distributed data centers can monitor and control devices and processes.

The opportunity spans a wide range of industries, as applications can be written or modified to address sector-specific requirements. In emerging markets, for example, physical infrastructure is often in rough shape. Now, the IoT can make transportation safer, electrical grids more reliable and healthcare more efficient –just to name a few examples– all in a cost-effective manner.

In conclusion, emerging markets are growing rapidly, and dynamic access to cloud-based solutions at the edge is becoming a necessity, just as it is elsewhere in the world. More people are conducting daily financial and social interactions on mobile devices. The IoT is expanding with industry-specific solutions and innovative companies are competing for an advantage. In this context, it’s critical that software is smart and up-to-date, data access is fast and scalable, and the network edge responds dynamically to an ever-changing threat environment.

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The possibilities are endless, and in emerging markets, we’re only just beginning. 

At EffectiveSoft, we’re excited to be part of this journey, helping businesses in these markets harness the power of cloud computing and IoT technologies to create a brighter, more connected future.

Rod Molina

Rod Molina is EffectiveSoft's Delivery Director in Latin America.

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