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Cognitive Computing Inside a Global Enterprise: Seeing into the Future

Cognitive computing is an approach to software deployment and solutions that encompasses the use of artificial intelligence to mimic human thought. The growth of such innovations has been exponential as applications of the technology become more sophisticated. The use of such technologies is taking root across localities and across industries with new applications being discovered almost daily.

Created in collaboration with Nearshore Delivery Solutions, this 10-page white paper examines the ways in which cognitive computing can and will help businesses in various sectors to address the challenges of the current business environment and sets out a case for Mexico and the broader Latin American region to be a key player in the development of such solutions.

Key insights include:

  • An overview of the main impacts and opportunities of cognitive computing within the enterprise.
  • Key drivers of cognitive adoption as revenues continue to grow.
  • Facts and statistics that paint a broader picture of the global state of AI, automation, and cognitive.
  • Mexico’s unique position and innovative approach in the cognitive computing space
  • Case-use examples of Big Data and IBM Watson’s Personality Insights within the financial sector

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