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Colombia Crowned as Top LATAM Destination for Digital Nomads

Looking for a top destination in Latin America to work remotely? Colombia might be your best choice.

Colombia topped the ranking for Latin American countries with digital nomad visas for Canadian and US citizens, according to tourism site Travel Off Path. The country managed to top the rankings thanks to its low cost of living and robust digital infrastructure.

“Latin America is a prime region for North American digital nomads because it shares the same time zones with the US and Canada, and most countries have a low cost of living,” the site noted.

Colombia’s digital nomad visa allows foreign workers to stay in the country for two years and can be renewed indefinitely. It also requires a relatively low monthly income to apply: US$685.

Medellin was one of the many Colombian cities highlighted by Travel Off Path as prime destinations for digital nomads. Cartagena and Santa Marta were also recommended.

As many as 22 Latin American and Caribbean countries offer visas to foreign remote workers. Argentina, while not included in Travel Off Path’s index, stands out for reportedly attracting over 72,000 digital nomads in 2022.

Panama allows entry and a stay of up to six months to US citizens without need of a visa. Those earning more than US$3,000 per month can apply for a digital nomad visa, with Bocas del Toro being a popular destination for remote workers.

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Costa Rica’s visa requirements are similar to Panama’s, with a minimum monthly income of US$3,000. Beach towns such as Santa Teresa, Tamarindo and Puerto Viejo are ideal for digital nomads seeking a balanced lifestyle, according to the travel site.

Although Mexico does not have a specific visa for digital nomads, American citizens can easily obtain a visitor visa. Playa del Carmen and Tulum are top choices for foreign remote workers.

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