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Concentrix Lays Off Employees As It Merges With Convergys

Concentrix Corp, which is being integrated with Convergys, one of the giants in voice-based BPO industry, has announced another layoff of around 117 employees at its call center in Watertown, New York.

The news comes barely a week after the customer services provider said it was removing 115 employees following a loss of contract with one of its clients in the communications sector.

In October last year, Concentrix similarly laid off 258 employees in Kentucky, saying it was permanently closing one of its clients’ programs. A month later, it removed around 200 staff in Southfield, Michigan.

Most of those losing jobs at Watertown call center are trainers, customer support associates and team leaders, according local newspapers. Concentrix reportedly said that it will offer these employees with the options of applying for other jobs at the company in Watertown location, relocating to other offices or becoming home-based agents.

“The program is just exiting the site due to a change in business requirements between us and the clients,” reported WWNY TV quoting Brooke Beiting, Concentrix media representative, as saying.

The news emerges at a time Synnex Corp is folding Convergys into Concentrix. Synnex bought Convergys for US$2.4 billion in July last year. The acquisition made Concentrix the second largest global provider of customer engagement services with approximately 275 locations in more than 40 countries.

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The BPO provider has told the WorkPlace career center in Watertown that it had begun looking for a new client to save jobs.

The Watertown office employed more than 500 people until the end of last year, the announced layoff would reduce the headcount to 320 by the end of June.

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