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Cuba’s First Video Game Could Usher in New Age of Developers

Using a combination of hard work, dedication, and crowdfunding, two young entrepreneurs have developed the first video game to come out of Cuba: Savior.

In Savior, you play as a “little god” who must overcome obstacles in a crumbling world to reach the “great god” and save the world: a fitting allegory of life on the communist island.

Josuhe Pagliery and Johann Armenteros, founders of Empty Head Games, have faced significant challenges within the confines of Cuba’s borders, particularly with limited access to the internet and minimal opportunities to work with other developers.

Innovadores, a U.S.-based nonprofit, helped the duo to set up a crowdfunding campaign, which has reached it’s $10,000 goal already, and could herald the beginning of a stronger development ecosystem in Cuba.

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