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Dominican Republic’s Intellisys Hires Adept High Schoolers for Big Data Project

Intellisys, a software development company in Dominican Republic, has taken a unique approach to hiring talent by bringing in high school students to work on a substantial Big Data project called Citizen Audit, which allows citizens, authorities, and journalists to search, view profiles, and download data from the tax reports of US non-profits.

Raddelyn Ortiz and Jorgelin Ortiz (pictured), now both 19 year-old university students, started working part-time at the company while they were in high school, and have flexible schedules for attending their studies whenever required. They are also paid at the same rate as the company’s junior developers.

The initiative is part of a program that looks to teach software development skills and provide a unique possibility to work on large projects, creating a great amount of opportunity for young people in the country.

“These guys came from small town in the mountains and had never worked on any programming before being exposed to our institute,” said Leanny Espinal, Talent & Culture Development at Intellisys D. Corp. “They told us that they wouldn’t have found their calling without it, and had no idea they would like it until they tried it.”

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