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Exclusive: Over a Dozen Capgemini Execs Depart to Join Sutherland (Updated)

In what has to be considered one of the more remarkable executive recruitment coups in Latin America BPO, over a dozen Capgemini executives have defected to join rival BPO firm, Sutherland Global Services (with centers in Colombia, Jamaica and Mexico) over the last several weeks and month, Nearshore Americas has learned.

The exodus appears, at first glance, to be part of a mounting effort by Sutherland to increase market share in coveted finance and accounting outsourcing, both for U.S. and Latin America customers. Among the executives now employed by Sutherland include Felix Massun, who now heads regional business development, a nearly identical role that he held with Capgemini, and Aaron Phillips, a well known client executive who also worked at Genpact previously.

The moves are clearly reflective of Sutherland’s new, more visible and market oriented leadership driven by David Poole, Chief Client Officer, who joined the firm about nine months ago. Poole is former CEO of Americas BPO for Capgemini, and was also Head of Global BPO Strategy, Sales and Marketing for Cap until he left the firm in early 2012.  

There is increasing industry speculation that Sutherland is preparing for an IPO, and that the placement of the executives included stock option packages and other financial incentives. Sutherland’s growing operations in Bogota and Barranquilla, are seen as strategically valuable as the company looks to contend for increasing FAO business.

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Editor’s Note: This post is updated as of 8:05 EST Wednesday to reflect new information provided by sources. An earlier report indicated another 20 or more Capgemini employees in the U.S. went to work for Sutherland Global Services. That part appears to be false (or at least, we’re not able to confirm that information) and we apologize for any possible error in previous reporting. 



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