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"Dramatic Shifts" in Outsourcing Point to Upside for Latin America

The pursuit of human capital is driving a dramatic shift in the global outsourcing industry. According to report released today from AT Kearney, the top outsourcing destinations (India, China and Malaysia) are losing ground as the flow of deals spreads more widely across the globe. images9090900909
As we continue to chronicle on this website, one of the key beneficiaries of this trend are Latin American and Caribbean nations who have made the necessary investments in telecom infrastructure, jobs and educational training and tax incentives to attract services contracts. As advocates of nearshore outsourcing, we were especially pleased to see that AT Kearney singled out several nearshore nations as being outstanding performers in global services:
Countries in Latin America and the Caribbean continue to capitalize on their proximity to the United States as nearshore destinations. Chile placed highest among countries from the region, ranking 8th on the strength of its political stability and favorable business environment. Other strong performers in the region include Mexico (11th), Brazil (12th), Costa Rica (23rd) rising from 34th place and  Jamaica, which rose 11 places to rank 24rd.
The report goes on to say that the global economic slowdown will probably not translate to job losses in offshore operations. Instead, companies will continue to try to maintain service levels and take advantage of highly efficient operations. For a look at the press release go here.

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