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Trinidad and Tobago: Diversification Leads to Cost Savings for Financial Services Outsourcing

With low energy cost and a vast pool of English-speaking population, Trinidad & Tobago has begun to emerge as a preferred destination for launching F&A BPO services in the Caribbean.

This E-book examines both risk factors and advantages the twin-island nation is offering. Already, a few global financial services, like Scotiabank, have launched back-offices here. And early results are demonstrating a viable economic model that can attract businesses in global

Moreover, government has reduced the time required to launch a business from 43 days to just three. Here, Columbus Communications, TSTT and Digicel all have been engaged in developing a modern broadband infrastructure to fuel the country’s digital economy.

Since the early 2000s, the government has invested nearly $2 billion USD in tertiary (post-secondary) education resulting in a population of highly educated workers.

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