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Espiritu Santo Archipelago

Espiritu Santo Archipelago: Mexico’s Jewel of the Gulf of California

With more than 200 species of plants and 70 species of animals, the Espiritu Santo Archipelago national park in the northwestern Mexican state of Baja California Sur is a scenic wonderland of natural beauty, presenting stark contrasts between sea and desert.

Espiritu Santo has been under the protection of law since 2007, due to its population of marine species, such as  seals, hammerhead sharks, and manta rays.

Along with its unique biodiversity, the archipelago’s isolated, volcanic origin has made it a tourist hotspot in recent years. There are roughly 20 beaches in the area where visitors can relax, sail, or pursue other leisure activities, such as diving.

Getting there is easy: simply travel 25 kilometers (16 miles) by boat from La Paz, the state’s capital city.

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