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Faces in the Crowd

Sergio Peña’s biggest client works in the financial sector, and that takes up most of his time at Unisys in Colombia. Working in Rionegro, his many tasks — watching over satisfaction levels, conducting follow-up audits, and working to improve service quality — never leave him bored. Peña’s current large project is in the execution phase. Called AMIP, it aims to optimize user call times, and he believes that, if it proves successful, this initiative can be big for the company. Not only will it help this one client — but many others in the future. Aside from his afterwork passion of watching and playing football, big-time projects like this keep him eager and happy to serve. “What I most enjoy is being able to deliver solutions,” said Peña.
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  • Congratulations to Checho for this recognition! he is one of the best supervisor and new Operation Manager the Company has, proud of being your colleague.