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Faces in the Crowd: Anahí Félix

The Guadalajara, Mexico-based marketing coordinator at Austin, Texas-headquartered software development company iTexico, Anahí Félix is also a co-founder of WeLoveIT, a community created to encourage female students to pursue their studies in science and technology and form part of the next generation of techies.

The WeLoveIT community brings together professors, parents and tech companies to support the scientific education of girls in a sector that has long been dominated by men, and partners with companies and educational institutions to promote the participation of women in the tech sector.

Its partnerships with tech firms enable students to gain hands-on experience in the sector, and WeLoveIT also organizes events such as workshops and conferences to inspire young women to play a part in innovation.

“WeLoveIT aims to allow girls to break the stereotypes and transform gender roles,” Anahí says, who participates as a speaker at tech industry events.

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In addition to Austin and Guadalajara, iTexico also has offices in the Mexican city of Aguascalientes, and in Cupertino, CA.

Adam Critchley

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