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Faces in the Crowd

Bruno Fernandes Urbieta — service desk supervisor for Unisys in Campo Grande, Brazil — has a large role. He watches over agents to ensure they are meeting expected client support quality standards while also thinking strategically. He spends a lot of energy devising ways that the technical process can be improved, for example, and this focus has gotten him interested in one day joining the company’s Service Excellence Office. Right now, Unisys doesn’t offer such a position in Campo Grande, so making that leap would require a move to São Paulo. That would be a life-changing step, and Bruno isn’t sure he would want to move to the megacity. But the job may exist in his current town someday, and for now he is happy working on his current projects and hoping to put his new English-language skills to use during a vacation to the United States or England.

Jared Wade

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