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Luis Alberto Muñoz Ubando

Faces in the Crowd – Luis Alberto Muñoz Ubando

Luis Alberto Muñoz Ubando is Chief Innovation Officer at Grupo Plenum and Plenumsoft, which are based in Merida, Mexico, and is also President South-East and VP of Innovation at the Mexican IT chamber, CANIETI.

Luis Alberto has founded more than ten startups in the US, Mexico, and France, and holds patents in the fields of logistics, education, e-health, and sustainability, among others.

In 2000, he managed the applied math, computer science, and engineering section of the Knowledge and Innovation Program of the Mexican Research Council (CONACYT), as a part of the World Bank’s Millennium Initiative.

In 2008, Dr. Muñoz founded The Robotics Institute of Yucatan, and in 2016 he founded MVP in a box, a service aimed at quickly gaining market validation for startups.

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