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Vicente Salazar Unisys

Faces in the Crowd

Vicente Salazar Gómez joined Unisys last year to start a new chapter in what has been a long, fulfilling career in Mexico’s IT industry. In the past three decades, he has held multiple leadership roles in the region, working for the likes of EDS, HP, Wipro, and IBM while moving up from systems engineering to management. Now, he now feels at home in Unisys’ Mexico City office and is happy to be helping the company protect and grow its existing client base as several marquee clients look for guidance on their digital transformations. On top of this, in his role as vice president and general manager, he will be pushing to deploy the advanced border security software the company is working on in Mexico and abroad. “We are the leaders globally on border security,” said Vicente. “We will be focusing not only on the federal but local.” Whether it is protecting client relationships or protecting the frontier, it seems Vicente will have no trouble staying busy in 2016.

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