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Guyana’s Steady Climb to Outsourcing Respectability

With a large English-speaking population and labor costs far below those in the Philippines, Guyana is well positioned to attract large foreign investment in its outsourcing industry.

The latest white paper by Nearshore Americas reveals the measures the government it taking in order to attract more direct foreign investment, open up the telecom sector, and leverage the political, economic, geographic and demographic advantages that Guyana enjoys. With the government investing generously in both people and infrastructure, Guyana’s future as an outsourcing destination is brightening by the day.

The nation’s biggest private sector employer is BPO provider Qualfon, which recently began constructing a huge contact center campus that will house more than 6,000 people. Qualfon’s rapid expansion underlines the growth potential Guyana offers to global BPO firms.

Authored by Nearshore Americas’ Tim Wilson, the paper also examines the tax breaks and assistance that Guyana offers to foreign investors through GO-Invest, which acts as primary contact and can liaise with government departments, while also advising on incentives and regulations.

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