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A Hacker Claims to Have Stolen Sensitive Data of All Argentinians

An anonymous hacker has put up on sale the personal data of thousands of Argentineans after breaking into the government’s IT network.

The data hacker claims to have stolen very sensitive information because it includes names, residential addresses, birth dates as well as Trámite numbers, something similar to the United States’ social security numbers.

To prove his claim, the hacker has already published online personal data of 44 celebrities, including the country’s President Alberto Fernandez and soccer icons Lionel Messi and Sergio Aguero.

The custodian of the data, the Argentine National Registry of Persons (RENAPER), has confirmed the theft, informing that it had filed a complaint with the country’s federal court.

Considering its statement, the hacker accessed the database through a password given to the Ministry of Health.

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It is not, however, clear when the theft took place. Nobody took the hacker seriously when he first published the personal data of soldiers and security personnel through his Twitter account in September this year.

Earlier this month, he published the personal details of celebrities. A few days later, he put out an ad on hacking forums offering to look up the details of any Argentinean. Some reports say the hacker has stolen the personal data of all 45 million Argentineans.

Narayan Ammachchi

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