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How Remote Dev Team Management Systems Help Companies Tap Mexico’s Talent

With more than 130,000 engineers graduating annually and over 700,000 developers in the talent pool, Mexico is a hotbed of top software engineering talent in Latin America. 

The pivot to increased remote working because of the Covid-19 pandemic has meant more US companies are looking to the Nearshore for talent. Yet creating Nearshore teams can feel daunting and complicated without the right processes and partners in place.

The emergence of remote development team managements systems like those offered by Framework Science, Terminal, and BairesDev is helping US companies tap into this talent faster and easier, offering degrees of control and visibility across the entire recruitment and onboarding process.

Such an approach makes creating Nearshore teams simpler and ensures that they are up and running faster while increasing the transparency of the process and avoiding an over-reliance on the traditional job description and resume. Such systems also employ artificial intelligence to better map talent against needs and deliver candidates that are a good fit from the very first meeting.

Michael Johnson, president of software development company ComplyTrust Inc, says the need for remote working during the pandemic opened the possibility for developing Nearshore teams. 

“When Covid-19 happened, it was the perfect opportunity to have a never-ending pool of talent available to us without having to hire a third party.” — Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson, president of ComplyTrust Inc

“I hadn’t even contemplated looking to the Nearshore before the pandemic. Prior to coming on board ComplyTrust, I was at Sony and we did everything direct. Everybody’s an employee, very few people are contracted, and everybody has to report to work and be managed. But when Covid-19 happened, it was the perfect opportunity to have a never-ending pool of talent available to us without having to hire a third party. It really made things a lot smoother, easier and quicker, and at the end of the day, more cost effective.”

Johnson used Framework Science’s TeamStation platform to build a team of developers drawing on talent from Mexico. He looked to other locales such as India and South America too, but felt that Framework Science’s platform offered the most qualified talent, and the best bang for their buck. ComplyTrust has five team members brought on from the Framework Science platform. 

“They have been wonderful. It’s a really nice cohesive team,” Johnson says, adding that the team evolved over time with the initial team member coming on in May, followed by another two in June, one in July and the last two in January this year. Johnson has been impressed by the caliber of talent available in Mexico and how the platform matched his needs to the pool.

The platform provides full control and visibility across the entire recruitment process, allowing clients to see and manage their business objectives, technology stacks, task management. Throughout the process, clients can see candidates by time zone, access interview feedback and evaluations, see code testing results and performance, and hiring estimates and metrics.

“The people that I’ve hired from Framework Science are conscientious and think outside the box. That’s very hard to find.” — Michael Jonson

The integrated company-vendor talent management automation system provided AI and machine learning talent pool mapping against 1.5 million profiles in Mexico.

“The people that I’ve hired from Framework Science are conscientious and think outside the box. That’s very hard to find; it’s hard to incentivize people financially to be conscientious or think outside the box. The platform is very intuitive. It facilitates finding talent quickly; you can find a needle in a haystack.” 

He also found the automated onboarding process easy to use. The platform provided complete detail on skills, assessments, testing, onboarding, and even pay slip and tax information post-hiring. 

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Johnson has looked to other locations such as Argentina to bring in additional skills, particularly in cloud, and has found the process onerous and complicated. The seamless approach to recruitment and onboarding that such customized and automated systems used in the development of the Mexican Nearshore team greatly streamlined the process.

As remote development team management systems continue to grow, they are set to completely transform the recruitment and retention approach for Nearshore teams, enabling US companies to benefit from the growing pool of skills within Mexico without the complications and with complete transparency through all stages of the process.

Lonnie McRorey

Lonnie McRorey is a U.S. Software Technology Executive, CEO and Co-founder of Framework Science. He has over 20+ years of experience in various industries, including designing the first DevOps system for Social Recruiting Applicant Systems. Framework Science is a platform for building top software engineering teams with greater accuracy and at a velocity required to meet modern market objectives. The aim is to disrupt the software outsourcing industry while providing total transparency on resource costs, capability, testing, evaluations, training, corporate social responsibility, and IP Security while incrementing software production certainty.

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