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How to Choose a Nearshore Mobile App Development Partner with Confidence

Mobile app development is a key part of today’s world as most activities in society now benefit from this type of software. This trend is obligating companies to enter into the application game in order to achieve greater success and brand presence.

However, app development for the most common mobile operating systems (Android and iOS) is not a simple task, so businesses that seek this kind of development should look for experienced partners that can help, which is not always easy or economical.

The following tips and advice will give you the confidence to choose the right partner for your mobile app development project, and ensure you avoid working with any companies that aren’t a perfect fit.

Look for a team with the right skills

Companies must take into account that their potential mobile app development partner has specialized personnel in the field. This is supported by international certifications such as Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI), which is a model for the improvement and evaluation of processes for the development, maintenance, and operation of software systems.

The team must be cross-platform and work for different environments and technologies, such as Apple’s (iOS) operating systems with Objective C, and Google (Android) with Java. This may involve creating an app from scratch, modernizing existing ones, and administering the services it provides.

Understand how the company approaches planning, creation, and testing

App development companies should offer the complete package, from the planning and creation phases, to the testing phase. A good partner should allow the end customer to test out the user interface (UX/UI) to ensure that the essence of the brand is not lost.

The mobile app development process begins with planning, when the client and the developers meet to discuss concepts, functionality, and usability of the application. This results in concept and design expectations based on available tools, budget, and delivery time.

Afterwards, the design phase begins, which is when the workflows, content, and interactions of the application are defined. The result of this is the main interface that includes wireframes, models, and prototypes that are endorsed by the client. At this point, the material is delivered to the graphic designer, who is responsible for the creation of the style guides.

The development stage continues and is divided into several sections, such as the creation of the base code for the application. This will lead to the creation of a prototype with basic functionality so that clients can check if the application is taking the desired final form. Once the prototype is approved, a system test is carried out, meaning that different functions are integrated into the app and it is taken to the limits to analyze if it works correctly. During this test, the application can be distributed as a beta to a series of users to see how it behaves, allowing for an analysis of fresh feedback.

As a client, you should be involved in each stage of this, providing comments on design or functionality. It’s also worth considering that the final time of the process changes depending on the release date and approval time on official apps stores such as Google Play and Apple App Store.

Check if the development company offers ongoing service and support 

Your chosen partner must offer backend and frontend web development services, creating solid and fully functional mobile applications that integrate with the server. This also includes long-term support and maintenance.

Application, maintenance, and support services help reduce costs because the application is constantly being monitored. This continuous review of operations and processes, any functions can be corrected or increased without affecting the user.

Maintenance and support can generally be contracted as independent modules to suit a budget, and is recommended as a viable option because it can be used both on a small scale, such as in menus or visualization, and on a larger scale, with navigation or new features.

Is the team accessible, communicative, and innovative?

Another key point in the search for application development services is that the team should be accessible and communicative. This means that communication is constant, innovative, and open for continuous feedback from both parties. This has benefits on the product development stages, the final cost of the app, and even for the final user.

Effective communication is not a synonym for just speaking the same language; it is far more than that – it is necessary that a programmer has the ability to communicate ideas clearly and accurately. In this aspect, a good team should be agile in its process, meaning being prepared to adapt to the needs of the product while taking care of its integrity and functionality at the same time.

Mexico is a good example of this model because this country has a number of benefits related to geographical proximity, cultural synergies, business logistics, cost savings, and increased return on investment.

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Technical profiles are essential, but so are multi-disciplinary skills

Finally, while it goes without saying that your development team should have the right technical skills, other skills are important too. Although for many years it was thought that a technical profile was more than enough to join a software development team, today, more importance is given to the members that can manage different roles.

A client should look for partners that possess a personality that can positively influence the work team, as well as outstanding communication skills, a business vision, and strong leadership. Also, they need to be open enough to understand that the achievements are based on the deliverables of the entire team, not just the powers that be.

When looking for your next mobile app development partner, be sure to consider this advice before making your choice, as it will ensure you will get the most out of your project and allow you to be totally confident in your decision.


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