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Introducing the Women Speakers at Nexus 2024

The Nearshore Americas’ team is really excited about the speakers at this year’s Nexus conference; particularly the female segment of the lineup. 

Nexus 2024 will host a group of accomplished women professionals: an impact sourcing specialist, a master of FDI attraction, an entrepreneur who has built hope in emerging markets and the architect of Caribbean success, just to name some.

These ladies are leaders in the whole sense of the word; in their respective professional fields and their communities. At NSAM, we couldn’t be more honored to provide a forum for them to share their vision for a better future.

Amal Hassan

Founder & CEO, Outsource Global

Amal is a Nigerian entrepreneur who’s success has produced a positive impact in her community and beyond. She helms Nigeria’s leading BPO firm (Outsource Global), a gender-balanced enterprise with a focus on inclusion and empowerment. Her business prowess led to her being recognized in 2018 as one of the 16 women business leaders by Fortune-US Department of State Global Women’s Mentoring Partnership

“Amal Hassan is a true leader in global BPO,” Peter Ryan, President & Principal Analyst at Ryan Strategic Advisory, and a speaker at Nexus 2024, said about Ms. Hassan. “Having founded the most successful home grown business services firm in Nigeria, she is a tireless advocate for her country.”


Zia Paton

Partner, Digital Services Leader (Caribbean), PwC

Zia Paton is a superstar of global digital services in the nearshore. She has been delivering strategic advisory services in the region for nearly three decades, catalyzing the Caribbean’s development through the crystallization of the regional talent landscape.

Today, it feels as if the Caribbean is on the brink of a transformation that will position it as a major player in the global digital services market. Zia has been one of the driving forces that led the Caribbean to that position, and she’ll most likely be a big player in pushing the region towards the fulfillment of its true potential.


Rita N. Soni

Principal Analyst, Everest Group

Rita has built her name as an expert on impact sourcing and sustainability in business. At Everest Group, she provides what’s known as a “triple bottom-line lens” analysis, focusing on how global services operations impact people, planet and profits. 

Beginning her career as an engineer, Rita’s professional journey has been built through organizations such as NASSCOM Foundation, YES Bank, the Ford Foundation and the American India Foundation, always with a strong passion for how tech plays a catalytic role in the solving of social and environmental challenges in business.


Ninela Sánchez

Sr. Enterprise Sales Executive, AmplifAI

Ninela is right in the midst of the AI revolution taking over CX. As a sales exec for AmplifAI, she helps clients achieve their business goals leveraging technology to enhance customer and employee engagement, retention and loyalty. 

“Ninela Sánchez is one of the most dynamic CX and BPO professionals in the Americas,” Peter Ryan commented. “She brings a deep understanding of what makes our business work to the table, and can make even the most complex problems solvable with her mix of enthusiasm and subject matter expertise.”

With 15 years of experience in the CX space, Ninela has developed a passion for the empowerment of women. She’s currently a mentor and coach, helping women develop their skills and advance their careers, always fostering a culture of diversity and inclusion. 


Lynda Arsenault

International FDI Consultant & Investment Executive, Invest Barbados

Lynda is an expert when it comes to the attraction, maintaining and acceleration of foreign direct investment opportunities. She’s worked for over 25 years with both the public and private sector as an instrumental part in the assistance of close to 20 international economic development organizations, investment promotion agencies & special economic zones around the globe.

Her professional activities have led her to engage with players in multiple key sectors, but her main areas of expertise are global business services and shared services.

Lynda currently sits on the regional board of Canada’s American Chamber of Commerce, and is also a member of the Council of American States in Canada.

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Sangita Naik

Global Vendor Management Officer, Kering Worldwide

Sangita Naik has a passion for technology. Over her 15 years in retail, she has used it to achieve operational excellence and supply chain efficiencies, driving success in luxury retail operations. 

Her leadership skills have allowed her to excel at developing strategic partnerships and create mission-driven teams that tend to outperform. She has also built a record as a progressive tech leader, characterized for her ability to break down organizational barriers, demonstrate value and develop strong relationships with business units. 

Cesar Cantu

Cesar is the Managing Editor of Nearshore Americas. He's a journalist based in Mexico City, with experience covering foreign trade policy, agribusiness and the food industry in Mexico and Latin America.

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