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KM2 Solutions Doubling Agent Workforce in Grenada Call Center

Nearshore BPO provider KM2 Solutions is expanding its call center facility on the Caribbean island of Grenada, almost doubling its workforce capacity.
Situated near the Grenadian city of Grenville, the company’s Seamoon Office Park facility is gaining an additional 4,976 square feet of floor space to accommodate nearly twice the amount of agents, according to a KM2 press release.
Grenada Investment Development Corp is reportedly coordinating with the expansion. “While KM2 already occupies 11,724 square feet at the Seamoon Office Park, the expansion will allow for nearly doubling the number of agents within the site,” stated the firm in the release.
In February 2010, KM2 inaugurated this facility with just 50 agents. Over the past six years, the number of agents has increased to 200. The expansion will not only increase the company’s operating capacity but also improve the comfort of current agents and visiting clients.
An important port on Grenada’s eastern shore, Grenville is home to a large English-speaking population. Over the past decade, the call center industry has been helping to diversify the city’s economy. KM2 Solutions claims to be at the forefront of bringing the outsourcing industry to the area.
“The expansion will further contribute to the community by promoting current agents into a variety of new roles, including team lead, supervisor, manager, and specialty functions such as human resources, accounting and IT,” the outsourcer stated.
One of the fastest growing voice-based BPO providers in the nearshore region, KM2 Solutions started out with small operations in the Caribbean country of St. Lucia, later expanding to the Dominican Republic, Barbados and Grenada. Today its biggest bilingual call center is in San Pedro Sula, Honduras.
It provides customer care, telesales, collections, and customer support services through voice, chat, and email.
In recognition of his training program to develop outsourcing talent in Barbados, KM2’s chief executive officer David Kreiss was felicitated with the ‘Executive of the Year’ award during our Nearshore Nexus 2016 event in San Francisco last month.

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