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La Fuerza Azul

La Fuerza Azul helps displaced Haitians in the DR

La Fuerza Azul, or “The Blue Force” in English, is a group of over 70 people who have a mission to provide support to displaced Haitians who live in the La Romana region of the Dominican Republic.

Some of these Haitans made their way to this region following the January 2010 earthquake, but most were taken there by large companies to cut sugar cane. They reside in sugar cane work camps, called bateys, and need basic life resources such as shelter, clean water, food and medical care.

During Thanksgiving, the Blue Force team travels to La Romana to help families living in the bateys. This year they aim to build hurricane proof houses for two bateys and provide mobile medical clinics to give the families an opportunity to see a doctor.

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