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The Looming Big Data Boom

Though Big Data has been slower to catch on in Latin American than in the United States and Europe, major progress is just over the horizon. At least 10% of firms in Brazil are already on board, according to a report this year, and investment is about to boom throughout the region. In 2014, the top three markets — Brazil, Mexico, and Colombia — had just $600 million in investments, but this will reach a combined total of $2.4 billion by 2019, with at a 31.2% compound annual growth rate, per a Frost & Sullivan study. Money alone will not make this transition seamless, however. “Instilling a Big Data culture is a change in management initiative that will take time inside organizations,” wrote Guilherme Campos earlier this year. “Both business and technology leadership should be in charge of reinventing the way data has been handled so as to exploit value.”

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Jared Wade

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