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Making The Most of Mexico’s Digital Opportunity

For Mexico to succeed in the digital economy, it must do more than leverage its well-known benefits, such as close proximity to the United States, a favorable exchange rate, and NAFTA; the country needs to prove that it can compete on the global stage.

Created in collaboration with Mexico IT, this 20-page white paper covers the status of Mexico’s digital opportunities, covering the country’s availability of digital talent, and the educational shifts that must occur in order to develop its digital capabilities.

Key insights include:

  • The specifics of Mexico’s approach to digital innovation, and the role that the private and public sectors are playing.
  • Available programs for rapid skills acquisition, which have provided many benefits over the standard 4-5 year university programs.
  • Exclusive interviews and comments from key stakeholders in Mexico’s digital economy
  • Breakdown of Mexico’s challenges and opportunities in digital, with actionable advice on how to approach them.
  • Digital transformation statistics and future forecasts.


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