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Colombia’s “City of Open Doors” Crowns International Queen of Coffee

The Colombian city of Manizales this week held the 62nd edition of an annual Spanish-inspired fair, where the International Queen of Coffee was crowned.

The event, which attracted an estimated 300,000 tourists to enjoy the festivities, played host to a number of bullfights, as well as crowning Spain’s Carmen Serrano (pictured) as this year’s coffee-themed beauty pageant winner.

Manizales is nicknamed Colombia”s “city of open doors”, thanks to the warmness of its people. It was founded in the province of Caldas by Antioquian settlers in 1849. Nestled in the foothills of the Colombian Andes’ Cordillera Central range, this coffee-producing area boasts a rich history of Colombian poets, artists, architects, politicians, and business leaders.

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