Nearshore Americas

Re-Invent + Re-Imagine

Building a world-class Nearshore business requires a rock-solid business model supported by high-value intelligence and insight. Learn how to operate your IT/ custom software and digital business at a higher level applying key strategies aimed at re-inventing and re-imaging your core business. This special Masterclass is facilitated by the founder of Nearshore Americas, Kirk Laughlin

December 1, 2023 • 9am – 11:30 AM
Marriott Hotel, Escazú,
San José, Costa Rica

$225 USD (Includes access to masterclass, coffee and refreshments and an exclusive 30-min post-masterclass review session)

This special masterclass session is exclusively* designed for: Entrepreneurs, founders and senior leaders (director and above) of software engineering, digital product development and next generation technology (artificial intelligence/ machine learning, data analytics and cloud computing) solutions’ companies. 

Every operator of a Nearshore business is familiar with a few hard facts: The Nearshore model is amazingly powerful but it only works when you execute it correctly; North American clients are risk-adverse and need real assurance and validation before starting a new vendor relationship; talent management is incredibly important to the sustainability of the business and finally, sales and marketing is no longer a ‘nice to have’, it has become an obligatory piece to reaching a ‘world class’ performance level. 

This masterclass with explore and provide practical guidance in the following areas:

  • The state of the Nearshore IT market: Drivers, risks and opportunities
  • Where entrepreneurs are most effective (and least effective) in operating Nearshore businesses
  • Tactical guidance on brand development and digital marketing strategies
  • Examining the most effective sales models in generating new business in North America
  • Key guidance on contracting and managing payments with North America clients
  • New research on the productivity and value of work-from-home models
  • Managing, developing and nurturing talent in a highly competitive marketplace
  • What clients want: Reviewing the top 10 reasons why clients maintain long-lasting relationships with Nearshore partners
  • Outlook to 2024: Rising areas of specialization and the transformative impact of Ai


Instructor: Kirk Laughlin, Founder and Chief Analyst, Nearshore Americas 

Widely regarded as one of the most knowledgeable experts in the Nearshore market today, Kirk brings a true wealth of industry insight and behind-the-scenes expertise to the Masterclass. As founder and chief analyst of Nearshore Americas, Kirk has been engaged in a wide range of Nearshore projects over the last 14 years, including:

  • Guiding US enterprise customers in their selection of Nearshore IT vendors.
  • Guiding US Fortune 500 clients in evaluating and selecting sites to open new IT captive operations. 
  • Assessing and supporting the revision of go-to-market strategies for start-up and mid-market Nearshore outsourcing businesses. 
  • Creating and executing strategic sales and marketing programs to generate higher-quality leads in the North American market. 
  • Establishing valuation models for Nearshore organizations seeking to participate in M&A (merger and acquisition) deals. 
  • Facilitating comprehensive research and advisory projects for Nearshore countries seeking to create a more robust Nearshore business ecosystem.

*Attendance at the masterclass is limited to individuals in the following roles:
CXOs, founders, vice presidents, division leaders, country heads and directors of IT and digital services outsourcing organizations operating in the Nearshore market. If you are unsure if you qualify, please reach: