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We get a lot of questions about the business model of Nearshore Americas. What are we here for and how do we help the community of Nearshore providers and buyers come together? Joining our team this week to answer those important questions is good friend and colleague, Dan Rubinetti, who I previously worked closely with at Ziff Davis Media/ Enterprise in New York City. Dan joins us as Vice President of Business Development.

Our brand is deeply dedicated to telling the real story behind the success of Latin America outsourcing. (Yes, we cover Canada and the Caribbean too.) We have two things going for us that you won’t find anywhere else – a high-end, professional ability to create marketing tools (white papers, videos, newsletters, even events) and a means to distribute these materials to a very select group of buyers and influencers. A great example of this capability can be seen with the release of today’s “Site Study” profile of Capgemini’s Guatemala City facility, put together by our ace video team. Find out more about our capabilities, obtain our media kit and find ways to up-level your brand and marketing message by reaching Dan at:

Our Top 50 List of The Most Influential People in Nearshore Outsouring is coming in April! The list, which our editors have been working on for the last four months, will serve as the definitive guide to the most important and visionary executives who have shown true dedication to the growth and quality of Nearshore outsourcing services. Only registered subscribers to Nearshore Americas will be able to obtain the full list and information on each recipient, so be sure to sign up for our free newsletter today!

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— Kirk Laughlin

Kirk Laughlin

Kirk Laughlin is an award-winning editor and subject expert in information technology and offshore BPO/ contact center strategies.

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