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Mexico: Nearshore Leadership Amid Shifting Realities

Amid shifting realities, Mexico’s IT sector has much to offer the world. From its strategic geographical location and renowned training grounds to its booming startup community and close cultural affinity with the United States, this nation of 122 million is ready and willing to provide world-class IT services both domestically and abroad.

As the global industry transforms, significant changes are also taking place in Mexico. Understanding today’s landscape will require an in-depth knowledge of the emerging tech industries, expanding infrastructure, and many markets in the country.

This report, “Mexico: Nearshore Leadership Amid Shifting Realities,” is the roadmap to navigating the road ahead. It aims to equip investors, service providers, and stakeholders with the clarity they need on all the topics that are vital to the nearshore world today. Below are the key findings, informed by primary research that included interviews with outsourcing industry leaders and a survey of 123 senior-level outsourcing professionals in November 2015.

  • Mexico’s IT outsourcing industry is expected to continue on a strong growth trajectory, bucking global and regional economic headwinds.
  • Despite negative portrayals of Mexico by international media outlets, international business leaders favor the country because of its strategic geographic location, large tech talent pool, and track record of sound macroeconomic management.
  • The classical logic of nearshore investment—proximity, time-zone alignment, business cultural affinity—is strengthening in light of technological change and shifting geo-economic realities. This bolsters the case for Mexico vis-à-vis offshore markets.
  • Currency weakness since 2014 has been a blessing in disguise for many vendors.
  • Detailed analysis of Mexico’s strength as a software development and business process destination, as well as analysis of trends within Mexico’s largest markets.
  • Recommendations: Accelerating early-stage reforms and scaling up trial programs.
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