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Coming Soon: The Rising States of Mexico

Last year, Nearshore Americas took an in-depth look at the booming tech world of Mexico in a documentary called Mexico’s States of Innovation. This half-hour production, which was sponsored by Mexico IT, Prosoft, the Secretaria de la Economia and CANIETI, analyzed the entrepreneurism and technology development going on in the major hubs of Mexico CityGuadalajaraMonterrey, and Querétaro.
Now Nearshore Americas has traveled back to Mexico to explore the emerging scene and further expand the geographical reach. Those who have spent time in the country know that the tech sector is exploding from coast to coast — not just in the big cities — and the new documentary, Mexico’s Rising States of Innovation, shows just how true this is.

The film features interviews, footage, analysis, and profiles from the cities of Mérida, Aguascalientes, and Baja California. Mexico’s Rising States of Innovation will premiere at the Nexus 2016 conference on May 11-12 in San Francisco.
“The documentary platform provides a really powerful way to tell the story and deliver to our audience a realistic understanding of what’s happening on the ground, inside these creative studios,” said Kirk Laughlin, managing director at Nearshore Americas.

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