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Microsoft Turns to Seaborn Cable System to Enhance Service Quality in Brazil

U.S. technology giant Microsoft has signed up for Seaborn Networks’ yet-to-be-built submarine cable network as part of its plan to provide high-quality cloud and IT infrastructure services in Latin America.

The news comes barely months after Microsoft unveiled plans to launch its Azure data center in Brazil’s Sao Paulo state for providing cloud-computing services.

Slated for completion sometime next year, Seaborn Networks’ cable network will link São Paulo with New York City. Analysts say this will be the first direct submarine cable route between the Brazilian city and the United States, because most of the other submarine cables run through the Caribbean islands.

According to the International Finance Corporation (IFC), a World Bank subsidiary, the cable system will help accelerate broadband development in Brazil and other South American countries.

“It is clear that Microsoft is highly committed to delivering the best cloud experience and infrastructure in Brazil and all of Latin America. We are delighted that Seabras-1 will play a major role in further enabling their cutting edge consumer and enterprise services in region,” said Larry Schwartz, CEO, Seaborn.

Microsoft counts several top regional firms among its clients, including Boa Vista Servicos, SiplanControl-M, Shop Delivery and Totvs.

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Investing in submarine cables appears to be a new trend in the U.S. technology market. Google, for an example, recently signed up for capacity on a trans-pacific cable system linking U.S. cities with Japan.

Earlier this month, Seaborn announced that it has secured agreements for backhaul connectivity from landing stations in New York and São Paulo.

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