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Nearshore 1.0: How Far Has Cloud Come? (VIDEO)

Back in 2011, Nearshore Americas chatted to Avelino Miguelez, vice president at Costa Rican IT integrator company, Grupo CESA.

During our interview, Miguelez spoke of the cloud and how it would change computing as we knew it. At the time, talk of the cloud as pillar of business operations was fanciful. Cloud services in the sense we know it today was still in infancy; Amazon’s retail services had been fully migrated to Amazon Web Services just months before, and Microsoft Azure hadn’t yet taken its name.

So how many of Miguelez’s beliefs have become reality? Has the cloud reshaped the Nearshore industry as we know it?

You’ll be surprised to hear if Miguelez’s predictions have turned out to be true.

The full interview, which was spoken and recorded in Spanish, can be seen below.

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Peter Appleby

Peter is former Managing Editor of Nearshore Americas. Hailing from Liverpool, UK, he is now based in Mexico City. He has several years’ experience covering the business and energy markets in Mexico and the greater Latin American region. If you’d like to share any tips or story ideas, please reach out to him here.

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