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New Ebook Explores Crucial Advancements in Nearshore CX

Nearshore Americas is to release a new Ebook titled “The Digital Transformation of Nearshore CX”, illustrating how organizations can leverage the power of new digital technologies to enhance their customer experience (CX) service.

The new Ebook was developed in partnership with global BPO vendor Ibex, and offers a theoretical and practical guide on best practices for the application of advanced AI, purpose-built cloud technology platforms and other digital technologies, to upgrade the customer journey.

By improving CX services, companies are able to get closer to their customers, notes Chad Rycenga, Executive Vice President of Product at Ibex. “With a weighting mechanism behind the scenes, ibex is able to update agents at a dashboard, authorizing them to make call backs. Feeling heard goes a long way,” he said of the company’s experience.

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The Ebook explains how organizations can leverage the power of new digital technologies to enhance their CX service

Services providers who are fully digitally-enabled – whether that tech is bought from a third party or the vendor’s own – are now referred to as BPO 2.0 vendors. These technologies should integrate seamlessly and allow the provider to leverage Business Intelligence (BI) metrics that facilitate the optimization of CX for the customer. Without these technologies, those metrics would not be available.

BI services ensure that a client is equipped with continuous quality assurance and robust performance management capabilities, including analyzing interactions across the customer lifecycle, discovering the triggers for customer contact and churn, reducing the cost to serve customers and improving program performance.

The Ebook offers ways to use technology to optimize interactions across each channel in omni channel delivery, and advises readers on where they should invest more heavily or reduce expenditure, in order to efficiently improve their CX service.

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It also sheds light on the growing role of artificial intelligence (AI) in the customer services industry and how the role of AI is no longer restricted to simple chatbots and virtual assistants.

With the help of AI, managers at call centers can easily assess incoming feedback and respond immediately to fix them.

AI, combined with machine learning  and data analytics, can drive “well-informed and actionable engagement with a client and its customers, helping to identify gaps in CX,” the book notes.

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