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Nearshore Americas Partners with Honduras 20/20 to Stimulate Jobs

The Honduras 20/20 initiative, created to propel the employment picture in Honduras around next-generation jobs, has recently selected Nearshore Americas to partner in executing key components of the program.

Over the last three years, Honduras has become one of the fastest growing BPO destinations in Latin America, and the country’s expansion into bonafide IT services is just beginning.

“Honduras has three main pillars of attraction,” said Francisco Novellino, BPO Manager at Honduras 20/20. “We have competitive salaries compared to other countries in the region, an attractive incentive package for people who want to invest in ITO or BPO, and the skills and availability of talent are top notch.”

As part of the partnership, Nearshore Americas will execute an investor-focused “Discovery Mission” to San Pedro Sula later this month. The activity enables Honduras to receive well-qualified investor groups who are seeking to establish new operational centers in the Nearshore market.

kirk laughlin
“Enabling well-qualified investors to evaluate Honduras is completely aligned with the core mission of Nearshore Americas.” — Kirk Laughlin

“From our perspective, Honduras remains one of the real jewels within the Nearshore sphere, and enabling well-qualified investors to evaluate the country is completely aligned with the core mission of Nearshore Americas,” said Kirk Laughlin, Founder and Managing Director of Nearshore. “We are able to leverage the positioning of our brand in engaging with organizations that have genuine interest in pursuing new operating centers.”

Strong Foundations Accelerating a Growing Industry

The country has two main cities where operations can easily be scaled, Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula, the latter of which is more developed in BPO, largely due to the presence of the Altia Smart City. Altia’s success in San Pedro Sula has led to another similar development in Tegucigalpa, scheduled to be complete by the end of 2018

Delegates on the Honduras “Discovery Mission” will pay a visit to the Altia Business Park, which features a working lunch with the park’s facilitator and an exclusive tour of the facilities.

Honduras also benefits from strong telecommunication infrastructure, government incentives for incoming companies, and a competitive real estate market. These topics will also be available for discussion through one-on-one meetings with key policy makers during the event.

English Capabilities Driving Expansion

Francisco Novellino
“Competitive salaries, attractive incentive packages, and skills availability are all there for people who want to invest in ITO or BPO.” — Francisco Novellino

Coming off the back of smart city investments and fresh operations for global BPO players, Honduras is in a position to use the English language as a growth catalyst, with bilingualism being the centerpiece of its global investment attraction pitch.

“Honduras is the country with the most bilingual schools in Central America,” said Novellino. “As a result, we are able to produce 10,000 bilingual graduates per year.”

The Honduran government has started providing grants to train call center agents in an 18-month program that targets low-income families looking for a fair start in the industry. The course also teaches them how to manage contact center tools, develop the right soft skills, and gets them up to speed with English, as well as helping them understand the responsibilities involved in a call center role.

During the mission, visitors will get the chance to see first-hand how the education system is dedicated to backing the English language by meeting with a representative of a local bilingual school.

There will also be talks and presentations from leading government figures, as well as other enlightening meetings, exclusive facility tours, and unique social opportunities, all taking place over the three-day visit.

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Technological Prowess and Entrepreneurship Boosting Value

On the technology side, Honduras is just beginning to develop its digital and IT services export industry.

“Honduras has a young population, with around three million people aged between 15 and 35, and we are graduating more than 2,500 people a year in computer engineering,” said Novellino. “We have the talent, they are prepared, and more than ready to join new IT companies taking advantage of this unsaturated market.”

Delegates on the trade mission are invited to meet with a representative from Centro Universitario Tecnológico (CEUTEC), a university established in 2005 that works in cooperation with Universidad Tecnológica Centroamericana (UNITEC) to provide business administration, accounting, graphic design, and information technology degree programs for working adults.

Furthermore, the event will feature a panel discussion between some of the most influential business leaders in Honduras, all of whom will be highlighting the unique characteristics of Honduras from a corporate perspective.

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