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Nearshore Americas Relaunches with New Look and Expanded Services

The leading authority on the fast-growing Nearshore IT and BPO services, Nearshore Americas is set to advance to a newly designed website in order to better align its knowledge-based offerings with the requirements of Nearshore investors, stakeholders and audience followers. The publication will unveil an entirely new look early next week, which will coincide with establishing a new advisory and research platform. Regular podcasts and webinars will be offered through the new research arm to reinforce and open discussion and debate about some of the biggest, and often most misunderstood, issues in the Nearshore space.

“After seven years and over 3,770 published reports, we have secured a valuable and authoritative position which enables a deeper understanding of the real conditions, barriers and opportunities around doing business in the IT and BPO sectors of Latin America and the Caribbean,” said Kirk Laughlin, managing director of Nearshore Americas. Principles supporting the new research/advisory group include Sean Goforth, a research analyst with over ten years’ of practical experience in Latin America, and Gabriel Rozman, a former top executive at TCS, based in Uruguay.

“Our team has already been involved with multiple advisory projects – from wage analysis and country studies to helping determine locations for new software and call center delivery operations. We are now ‘making public’ practice areas that have been building in strength over the last few years,” Laughlin added.

More In-Depth Multimedia Content

A significant influence guiding the NSAM relaunch came through analysis of results of a comprehensive readers’ survey conducted by Bianca Wright, managing editor, earlier this year.

“It was really important for us to listen to our readers and understand what they want from a platform such as NSAM. The survey provided a comprehensive picture of what our readers – most of whom access the site weekly – are looking for in terms of content, and highlighted the importance of introducing and expanding interactive value-adds like podcasts, webinars and interactive story forms, while still offering the type of content that our readers have come to expect from NSAM. We have been piloting some additions to story forms over the past few months and are not ready to roll out the new suite of content forays in its entirety,” Wright said.

“The survey also identified opportunities to extend the kind of in-depth reporting that NSAM is known for and to delve into selected topics in much greater detail. This is being realised through thematic content bundles that will unpack burning issues – from the implication of U.S.-Cuban relations to wage differences and personal safety concerns – in a variety of different formats. I am excited to present these new forms of content and to build on the solid foundation that NSAM has created,” Wright added.

Examining Cuba’s ITO Prospects

The first webinar introduced under the new platform will be held on July 28, which will take a hard look at Cuba’s prospects for IT outsourcing. The webinar will support a new NSAM research report, featuring an independent survey of over 300 IT and software specialists based in Cuba that Goforth and his support team executed in May.

“Cuba evokes dramatically different opinions among investors largely because it’s a tightly controlled economy with few metrics to serve as a guide. We’ve helped remedy that, providing reliable data on the overall size of the IT talent pool in Cuba, and detailing where IT talent can be found throughout the island. We also gathered numerous technical details on the country’s present ICT infrastructure, which allowed us to critically analyze the government’s plans for improved connectivity,” Goforth said.

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“It will take time for Cuba to come into its own as an investment destination, but it is one of the few places in the Americas where there’s a surplus of IT talent, so investors would do well to start digesting the data and building a plan for how to tap into the market,” he added.

The report will be available for purchase upon its release. Nearshore Americas will also offer a corporate subscription model – details of which will be announced soon.

Registration for the Cuba webinar will open next week. Continue to follow us as you always have at, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

–          The team at Nearshore Americas

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