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Webinar: The Evolution of the BOT Model and What’s Coming Next

Nearshore Americas has announced that it is to host a new webinar on how organizations can use the build-operate-transfer (BOT) model to expand their operations overseas while keeping costs low.

Craig Dempsey, CEO, Co-Founder of Biz Latin Hub, Hugo Martinez, Business Development Director and Co-founder, Digital Hype, and Clemente Gonzalez, CEO of Digital Hype will all speak to give their first-hand insights on how to build a sustainable Nearshore BOT relationship.

Registration is Free: June 10, 2 pm EDT

Unlike traditional models, the BOT involves setting up independent subsidiaries of the company in remote locations with the help of a local provider. The client can take full control of the subsidiary once the project reaches a satisfactory level of maturity.

The advantages offered by the BOT model are numerous. For organizations, it is an ideal way to speed up product development, cut costs and expand operations to new markets. The biggest beneficiary of a BOT relationship is the internal team of the client organization, which can tap into the talent available in the new locations of the service provider.

But the approach takes experience and close communication to work. Success of the model is heavily dependent on your partner and the kind of relationship you forge with the vendor, say analysts.

With remote-working becoming ubiquitous, the BOT model is evolving rapidly. The webinar will shed light on the changes the BOT model underwent following the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic and the way in which companies must adapt their strategies to take full advantage of this evolving model.

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