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Nexus 2014: Best Experienced in Person

Fourth Annual Nexus Conference Coming April 8th, Jersey City, NJ

The enduring mission of Nearshore Americas is to examine Latin America and the Caribbean through a business-centric lens. And when it comes to our annual conference, Nearshore Nexus, we elevate this analytical approach so that business and IT executives gain what they can’t get anywhere else: A well-rounded, premium conference experience that brings the right people together in the right setting to understand what ‘Americas-centric’ IT and BPO sourcing can really do for their business.

The right people, according to our equation, include business chiefs like Rhonda Vetere, Chief Technology Officer at Estee Lauder, Robin Shahani, Chief Procurement Officer at TD Ameritrade, Blanca Trevino, Chief Executive Officer at Softtek and Claire Shields, Global Vice President, Client Services, Verizon Enterprise Solutions.

Our overriding theme at Nexus, April 8th at the Jersey City Hyatt, is how the global outsourcing sector needs to evolve to meet the demands of innovation and market acceleration. Some highlights to look forward to:

  • Foreign Policy magazine has called him a top “Global Thinker” and Time Magazine listed him last year as one of the top 40 most influential executives in technology. That person is Vivek Wadhwa, whose combination of engineering prowess, passion for entrepreneurism that can be unleashed through smarter U.S. immigration policies and periodic roles in inspiring startups in Latin America makes him a perfect choice as VIP Keynote to start Nexus 2014.
  • Merger and Acquisitions: As an emerging market region, Latin America stands poised to reap the rewards of consolidation and expansion; both as a target and driver of M&A activity. In one of our panel discussions, we’ll learn about the specific factors that are likely to spur more activity in Latin America M&A in the very near future.
  • Customer Experience and Latin America ICT: Welcoming executives from Verizon Enterprise Solutions and Columbus Networks along with one of our favorite analysts, Peter Ryan of Ovum – we’ll learn how telecommunications services are moving up the value chain in the Americas sourcing environment
  • Geographic Sprints: Our editors and video team have been working around the clock to develop four custom-built video segments that shine a distinct light and reveal important trade and investment data of the four major regions of the Western Hemisphere: North, Central and South America and the Caribbean.
  • Geopolitical Upheavals and Risk: Our “Super Panel” of CXOs will tackle key questions about outsourcing risk, and of course, stealing directly from today’s headlines – pursue discussion on how instability in the Ukraine impacts the global sourcing outlook. 
  • Strategic Partners: Is your outsourcing need focused on agile software, customer care, or payroll services? Are you planning due diligence activities in Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Costa Rica or the Caribbean? Our exhibit hall will feature more than 15 outsourcing service providers, advisors, tech parks and trade groups who can be highly valuable contacts as you do your market evaluation.

Our Nexus ground-rules remain the same as they have from the beginning: If you’re a consumer, purchaser or decision-maker from a company using outsourcing services, you are welcomed to attend Nexus at no cost. Please visit our registration page to request an invitation.

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Nexus is designed so that our networking, content program and overall experience increases market knowledge and produces valuable business connections for outsourcing customers. We are once again expecting over 200 executives to attend from more than 13 countries across the Americas – and we sincerely hope you will make the time to be part of what we think is a very special gathering.


Kirk Laughlin

Kirk Laughlin is an award-winning editor and subject expert in information technology and offshore BPO/ contact center strategies.

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